Care was taken to form groups balanced in terms of the students' educational background. This encouraged students to help one another.

All students

Yoan Diekmann

To me, PDBC is to become a true biologist in 10 month. The exposure to a broad and inspirational variety of topics, to outstanding national and international scientists, and to the vibrant scientific environment which is the IGC: never was living in a holiday resort such as Oeiras so stimulating. I hope we can carry that momentum beyond the four years of PhD, and that I eventually learn Portuguese... (2011-09-15)


2008-2009 - 1st year of the 'PhD Program in Computational Biology' at the IGC
2004-2005 - Expatriate studies at the University Paris-Est Marne-La-Vallée, France, including a research internship at the 'Gaspard-Monge Institute of Electronics and Computer Science'
2002-2008 - Program of study 'Computer Science for Natural Sciences' ("Naturwissenschaftliche Informatik") at Bielefeld University, Germany

PhD Project

Supervisor: José Pereira-Leal

Laboratory: Computational Genomics Lab

University: Universidade Nova / ITQB


The evolution of function in the Rab family of small GTPases. Universidade Nova de Lisboa (2014) pp.223.


Yoan Diekmann and José B. Pereira-Leal. Evolution of intracellular Compartmentalization. Biochemical Journal (2013) 449, 319-331.

Yoan Diekmann, Elsa Seixas, Marc Gouw, Filipe Tavares-Cadete, Miguel C. Seabra and José B. Pereira-Leal. Thousands of Rab GTPases for the Cell Biologist. PLoS Computational Biology (2011) 7(10), e1002217.

Yoan Diekmann, Marie-France Sagot and Eric Tannier. Evolution under reversals: Parsimony and the conservation of common intervals. IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics (2007) 4, 301-309.