Care was taken to form groups balanced in terms of the students' educational background. This encouraged students to help one another.

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Sónia Cristina Santos Martins


My name is SóMnia Martins, I am Portuguese and I was born on the 26th June of 1983.
I have a degree in Biochemistry by the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto. As a trainee I spent six months at the platform of biophysics of macromolecules and their interactions in the Unity of Structural Biochemistry at the Pasteur Institute in Paris. I worked on the structural and physico-chemical characterization of an FHA-domain containing protein form M.tuberculosis, under the supervision of Dr Patrick England. I had the opportunity to learn several biophysical techniques like microcalorimetry, SPR, CD, analytical ultracentrifugation, DLS and crystallography. I also used fundamental molecular biology techniques to clone and ultimately produce the protein of interest.
After this experience, I moved back to Portugal to work on amyloid proteins in the unity of molecular structure at IBMC, specifically a transthyretin-like protein from A. thaliana.
Finally, I applied to the PhD Program in Computational Biology organised by the Gulbenkian Institute and I'm now at the Centre for Systems Biology at the University of Birmingham as a PhD student.

PhD Project

Supervisor: Jan Kreft

Cosupervisor: Christopher M Thomas

Laboratory: Centre for Systems Biology, School of Biosciences

University: University of Birmingham


Modeling of plasmid dynamics and persistence in a community of hosts. University of Birmingham, UK (2012) pp.290.


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England P, Wehenkel A, Martins S, Hoos S, André-Leroux G, Villarino A, Alzari PM.. The FHA-containing protein GarA acts as a phosphorylation-dependent molecular switch in mycobacterial signaling.. FEBS letters (2009) 583, 301-7.