Care was taken to form groups balanced in terms of the students' educational background. This encouraged students to help one another.

All students

Ricardo Pinho


2000-2006: Physics Degree (Licenciatura), Universidade do Porto, Portugal; Theoretical Physics option; Research on Econophysics.
Jan 2007 - Aug 2007: Bolsa de Imvestigacao - LIP - Laboratorio de Instrumentacao e Fisica Experimental de Particulas, Coimbra, Portugal - Dark Matter Search, The Zeplin experiment, LXe group - Prof. Isabel Lopes.
Sep 2007 - to date: PhD Program in Computational Biology, Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciencia, Lisbon, Portugal.
Jan 2009 - to date - visiting researcher at Stanford University; Marc Feldman's lab on population genetics; Biology Department.

PhD Project

Supervisor: Marc Feldman

Cosupervisor: Isabel Gordo

Laboratory: The Feldman Lab

University: Stanford University


Pinho R, Borenstein E, Feldman MW. Most networks in Wagner's model are cycling. PLoS One (2012) 7, e34285.