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Paula Sofia De Sá Freire


From September 2002 to September 2007, I did my undergraduate studies and my master degree in the Instituto Superior Tecnico of the Technical University of Lisbon. I took the five year Integrated Master Degree in Biological Engineering. This degree focus on the new developments in molecular biology, biochemistry, cell metabolism, microbiology, ecology and applies engineering principles to understand living systems and to bring solutions to various problems associated with these systems.
In 2007, I was accepted in the PhD Program in Computational Biology organized by the Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência in cooperation with the Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia and SIEMENS SA Portugal. This four-year program is divided into one year of full-time courses, workshops and projects on the main aspects of computational biology from the biological, computational, mathematical, chemical and physical points of view, and three years of research training in a recognised laboratory anywhere in the world.
In 2008, I became a graduate student of the University of Oxford, working under the supervision of Professor Bela Novak in the Oxford Centre for Integrative Systems Biology. My research was centered on modelling of the eukaryotic cell cycle engine that is organized around cyclin-dependent kinases and their regulators.
In 2012, I finished my PhD and now I intend to pursue further research in the development of mathematical models of biological processes. I am also very interested in other areas of computational biology, namely bioinformatics.

PhD Project

Supervisor: Professor Bela Novak

Laboratory: Oxford Centre for Integrative Systems Biology

University: University of Oxford


Mathematical Modelling of Mitotic Exit Control in Budding Yeast Cell Cycle. University of Oxford (2012) pp.248. [pdf]


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