Care was taken to form groups balanced in terms of the students' educational background. This encouraged students to help one another.

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José António Almeida Costa Da Cruz


Having finished my degree in Informatics and Computer Engineering of Instituto Superior Tecnico (Lisbon) in 1996, I founded (with three other partners) a software company to explore the newborn field of Web Development.
11 years, uncountable sleepless nights, 80 employees, a wife and 2 kids later I decided to take a challenge and start a new career in the field of bioinformatics research applying to and joining the PDBC program.
From October 2008 to September 2011 we, my family and me, lived in Strasbourg where I searched for models of ncRNA structure and evolution in Eric Westhof's Lab at the Institut de biologie moléculaire et cellulaire du CNRS.
Presently I am the Head of the Scientific Computing and Software Platform, Champalimaud Neuroscience Programme

PhD Project

Supervisor: Eric Westhof

Laboratory: IBMC - Institut de biologie moléculaire et cellulaire du CNRS

University: Université de Strasbourg


Development of Evolutionary Models for Non-Coding RNAs. Université de Strasbourg (2011) pp.196. [pdf]


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